Beyond Blood

Beyond_Blood_Final_Ebook_resized_2Dana Bowman has misgivings about starting the home-based Attic Investigative Agency with her fraternal twin, Bast Overture. Especially when the agency’s launch is preceded by a break and enter downstairs and a kidnapping at the Mini-Mall involving her son David’s babysitter, Debbie Sangwell. Especially when David is kidnapped and Debbie is murdered during the agency’s opening ceremonies.

Dana is pushed beyond blood ties in trying to avoid an emotional meltdown as a mother and focus on finding her son. The twin detectives discover that everything seems to be connected somehow. Which connection will lead them to David, and to Debbie’s murderer? Will they be too late for David? Hovering in the background is the mysterious “Him” in this fast-paced story which takes place during eight days in August 1998.

Smart and spunky, Bowman is a character every reader can relate to. Beyond Blood is a page-turner.
Rosemary McCracken, author of the Pat Tierney mysteries,
Safe Harbor and Black Water

Publisher Blue Denim Press
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